We are a company based out of Mendota, Illinois. Our mission is to spread positive vibes while expanding our company to the fullest. We are excited to see what the future holds and would love for you to follow us along our journey.

Golden Clothing

Starting out as an idea in the early 2010’s, we have expanded into a group of friends striving to make it out of our small town and spread our brands personality and vibes to as many people as we can possibly reach. We are looking to engage and connect with anyone who supports us. This is just the beginning and have much more in store for the future!

Matt Robinson
Owner of Golden Clothing

My name is Matt Robinson and thank you for checking out my business! I have had this idea for Golden Clothing since I graduated High School in 2011. I have been working hard to provide the best experience and the highest quality clothing that I can provide to my customers. We are starting out small but this is just the beginning. My friends are helping me along the way and I could not do this without them! So thank you for stopping by and enjoy the content!




To contact us, please email robinson.golden22@gmail.com for any questions or concerns regarding Golden Clothing. I will respond to emails within the hour on the weekends and after 3pm on weekdays.

    Come follow our journey on twitch!

    If I am not at my full time job or working on designs and clothing, you can find my on my twitch stream at www.twitch.tv/JustABlade66


    All clothing reveals and Golden Clothing updates are done on stream and posted on my youtube as well @JustABlade66